Flowers for Charity


We chose to support the two charities below for very personal reasons. One of our own family members was diagnosed with acute leukemia at just 3 years old. No child should have to face that. We weren't even able to explain to him what was happening in a language he could understand at the time. We decided to dedicate a portion of our business to helping other children fighting the same fight, all around the world.


Donating a lump sum to a charity once a year is a nice gesture, but the accumulation of many little donations throughout the year adds up to much greater good for the world.


Now you can join Fields of Blossoms as we work to support the following charities:



The Children's Cancer Caring Center (CCCC) is a charity not-for-profit organized and operated to support research and free total care for children with cancer. Regardless of their color, ethnic origin, race, etc., all children with cancer deserve free access to ancillary programs that alleviate suffering and anguish for them and their families.

CCCC seeks to educate individuals and groups on the profound needs of cancer stricken children.


Live Like Bella Childhood Cancer Foundation

Live Like Bella Childhood Cancer Foundation is a charitable organization devoted to funding innovative pediatric cancer research. Bella Rodriguez-Torres was just 10 years old when she passed away in May of 2013, after a six-year battle with an aggressive childhood cancer. In 2012, Bella's mother Shannah challenged the world to #livelikebella and appreciate every moment of their lives. Today, the Live Like Bella foundation fights for her dream of making pediatric cancer a treatable and curable disease.

With every box of flowers you purchase, $1.00 will be donated to these two charities, split evenly between them. Whether you have a Fields of Blossoms membership or buy one box at a time, know that your purchase is doing good work.


Every time you draw a scent of flowers, you will know that you are doing your part to end suffering for children everywhere. Little things can mean everything to a sick child, and a lot of little things gathered together may turn frowns to smiles.


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