We constantly strive to provide top quality fresh cut flowers all year round. However, since flowers are sensitive perishable products, from time to time, we may experience quality problems.


When this happens with any of our products, there is a specific procedure which must be followed in order to receive a credit, the following is an outline of the steps you are required to follow when placing a claim.



Credit must be requested within 24 hours of receipt. We insist you report it immediately so we can exercise one of the following options:


Replace product claimed.

Negotiate price adjustment to facilitate sale of shipped product.

Give a full credit for the product claimed.


We require an email informing us of the quality problem upon receipt and inspection of shipment. This email must be sent directly to and must include the following information:


  1. Invoice Number

  2. Detailed written description of the exact problem experienced.

  3. Estimated quantity of the damaged product being claimed.

  4. Digital pictures of the problem. These pictures are used to report the problem to our farms so that they can correct the problem immediately; make sure the pictures clearly show the problem in question.

Do not send a picture of one stem and expect credit on full box. We need to see magnitude of problem so take pictures of all or at        least various bunches in question.


We are not responsible for carrier related problems. We will not accept credit for flowers transported by unrefrigerated carriers. Furthermore we are not responsible for a carriers final destination delivery times. All carrier problems must be claimed with carrier. When necessary we will provide you with information needed to file carrier claims.


Please inspect product upon receipt. We will not be responsible for product once it has been processed and\or shipped out of your facility.


Failure to follow these procedures constitutes waiver of your rights to any adjustment of the invoice.

We are certain that we can count on your cooperation and that you understand why we must insist that our policy is observed in all cases.


Thank you for your valued business.


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