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How You Can Benefit from Our Fast, Free Flower Delivery


Ordering flowers online makes sense for just about every occasion. But when you have to pay an excessive amount for delivery, and then you have to wait days or even weeks for your recipient to get their flowers, you might start to rethink ordering flowers online. That’s why at Fields of Blossoms, we’re proud to offer FREE SHIPPING on every order! And, you don’t have to wait long at all, since we ship all orders via FedEx Priority Overnight. Here’s why you need this kind of service.


Get More for Your Money


When you send a loved one flowers, it’s nice to be able to send the most beautiful bouquet you can afford. But you typically have to budget for the price of shipping, which sometimes costs more than the bouquet itself if you want the flowers to arrive soon. This means you can’t always get the flowers you want for your loved one.


But when shipping is FREE, you suddenly have a little more room in your budget to buy those farm-to-table flowers or roses you think your recipient will love. Of course, you get the same benefit when you’re buying flowers for yourself. If you love the look and fragrance of a fresh bouquet of your favorite blooms, you might set up recurring flower delivery to your home. Either way, with free shipping, you get the flowers you have your heart set on and don’t have to go over budget.


Ensure Your Loved Ones Get Their Flowers Fast


It’s not always practical to wait days to have flowers delivered. Sometimes you realize right before a holiday or birthday that you should send flowers to a loved one. When you have the option of overnight delivery, you can ensure your recipient will get the flowers on time even when you order at the last minute.


In fact, with FedEx Priority Overnight, the flowers can arrive as early as about 10 a.m. Whether you order a last-minute birthday gift of flowers or need to send a sympathy bouquet right away, you’ll appreciate having access to quick flower delivery.


If you need flowers delivered fast and within budget, place your order with Fields of Blossoms today. We have the gorgeous flowers, fast shipping and reasonable prices you deserve!


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